Just three weeks ago, the Constitutional Court admitted the motion for unconstitutionality filed by VOX of the Comprehensive Law of the Mar Menor approved in the Regional Assembly with the support of PP, PSOE and Cs.

Despite the fact that it is an unconstitutional law, the progressive consensus continues to attack farmers directly and without palliative after the complaints against the agricultural estates of Cartagena.
That only VOX remains in support of agriculture is obvious, as well as that the progressive consensus is the only culprit of the unjust situation experienced by thousands of farmers who are unjustly criminalized knowing that they are applying a law appealed to the Constitutional Court .

The national deputy and member of the Agriculture Commission and spokesman for Climate Change in Congress, Luis Gestoso, affirms that they are going to fait accompli: “As soon as we have the resolution of the TC, we will have these persecuted farmers compensated and we will take legal actions against those officials who have exceeded applying an unconstitutional law that is an outrage for the economic future from this part of Spain ”.

"What the progressive consensus is looking for is a subsidiary economy, its humiliating objective is the ruin for thousands of families that are being affected by the incompetence of these parties," he said. the provincial president, José Ángel Antelo, who points out: "VOX will overturn this unconstitutional law."

As reported, one of the allegations presented by VOX before the Court for the unconstitutionality of a large part of the articles of Law 3/2020 on recovery and protection of the Mar Menor was the following:

-The prohibitions and restrictions imposed on agricultural use are not adequate or to protect agricultural economic activity (with the transcendent impact on employment as it is one of the economic engines of the region) or environmental and will not achieve the intended purpose.

For this reason, VOX demands that the law of the Mar Menor be suspended until the TC issues a ruling on the unconstitutionality appeal presented by this party.

“VOX is the only party that supports Spain that rises early and we are not going to sit idly by in the face of this illegal witch hunt that PP, PSOE and Cs have started. We will continue to defend the agricultural sector and the Mar Menor ”, the leaders have concluded.

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