VOX Granada has expressed its concern about the situation of the Motril plant recycling plant, which in recent times has been a frequent source of news in the provincial media. From the political formation they point out that the collapse suffered by the plant, as well as the continuous fires in which it has been involved, and the danger posed for transporters to travel through narrow roads to access it, add a series of circumstances that constitute a threat, and that could lead to a tragedy in the form of loss of human life, as seen in Vizcaya, at the Zaldívar landfill.

This is stated by the VOX Spokesperson in the Provincial Council, Cristina Jiménez. <>.

Cristina Jiménez points out that VOX, in the short space of time that it has been in the institutions, has already presented various initiatives on this matter and has done so at different levels, with the sole purpose of seeking a solution as soon as possible, among other aspects , to the part corresponding to the accesses: <>.

For his part, the VOX spokesperson in the Motril City Council, Miguel Ángel López, has pointed out the inconvenience it is causing among the population and the danger it poses for carriers: <>.

Miguel Ángel López affirms that the solution to this problem is simpler than what the administrations propose: <>, concludes VOX Spokesperson, Miguel Ángel López.

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