Ana Vega, Speaker of the G.P. VOX has stated that “At VOX we firmly believe that the legal asset par excellence protected is the right to life, Thats why we we defend that right from conception to natural death and for this reason we have presented an initiative for the protection of maternity and protection of the unborn. Why we we want policies to be made in defense of life and not to promote the culture of death as these social-communist governments do. VOX wants to protect both pregnant women and the rights of the unborn ”.

The number of abortions that are performed annually in Spain is a scandalous number. According to statistics produced by the Government, based on the centers that notify the number of abortions performed on women between 15 and 45 years of age, in 2018 there were 95,917 women those who voluntarily interrupted their pregnancy, which represents an increase of 1.91% compared to 2017. We must warn that, despite the exaggeration of the number, the data is incomplete, since it has not been taken into account the interventions carried out in medical centers of Autonomous Communities that have not reported the number of women who have interrupted their pregnancy, especially chemical abortion, nor have women who have done so using other solutions been taken into account. In the Valencian Community, a total of 9.17 cases per 1,000 women were registered in 2018.

The practice of abortion, in many cases, is considered as another means of contraception. It is not surprising that this occurs when Organic Law 2/2010 on sexual and reproductive health and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy considers abortion as a woman's right, completely unprotecting the unborn.

Faced with this dramatic situation, VOX proposes that a series of measures be taken to protect women and the unborn. Some of them are: prepare a Draft Law for the Protection of Life and Maternity that contains the actions aimed at guaranteeing and protecting the rights of pregnant women before their pregnancy, providing psychosocial and medical support in that decision.

Establish specific measures, programs and actions aimed at the protection and social integration of pregnant women who are at risk or social exclusion. Also adopt support measures for upbringing and protection measures for minors.

Prepare and submit to the Congress of Deputies a Draft Law for the Protection of Life and Maternity, which guarantees information and sufficient support for pregnant women, with positive measures of help and assistance, especially in favor of pregnant mothers in situations of vulnerability or unemployment.

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