XXI Max Awards Winners

The Jury of Selection of Winners of Madrid of the XXI edition of the Max Awards of the Performing Arts, 2018, chaired by Mr. Ignacio Amestoy and composed by Mr. Julio Bravo, Mr. Juli Disla, Mr. Maxi Rodríguez, Mónica Runde Y D. Juan Luis Mira, as representative of the Organizing Committee (without vote) and Ms. Andrea de Gregorio, Technician of the Performing Arts Department of Fundación SGAE, as Secretary without vote.

Report that to the XXI edition of the Max Performing Arts Awards There have been a total of 395 shows, of which 137 were candidates, and 38 ended up being finalists being, therefore, reviewed and analyzed by the present jury within the period established by the organization.

After the deliberations made today by the members of the Jury, they agree

admit as Winners for the XXI edition of the Max Performing Arts Awards, 2018 to the following shows and professionals, arranged according to category (nineteen) and alphabetically:

1. Best theater show
· Solitudes by Kulunka Teatro, S.L.

2. Best dance show
· The nudity He said. Daniel Abreu

3. Best musical or lyrical show
· TIC Tac of Institut Valencià de Cultura (IVC) and Diputació de València.

4. Best street show
· Meeting point of Ertza.

5. Best show for children, youth or family audiences
· Kiti Kraft by Bambalina Titelles, S.L.

6. Best revelation show
· Fairfly of La Calòrica and Teatre Tantarantana.

7. Better theatrical authorship
· Borja Ortiz de Gondra by The Gondra (a Basque history).

8. Best revelation authorship
· Joan Yago for Fairfly.

9. Better adaptation or theatrical version
· Ángel Solo and Adolfo Fernández for On the shore.

10. Best musical composition for stage show
· Luis Miguel Cobo for Solitudes.

11. Better choreography
· Daniel Abreu for The nudity.

12. Best stage direction
· Julio Manrique for L'Ánec salvatge.

13. Best design of scenic space
· Elisa Sanz for Blood Wedding.

14. Best costume design
· Maria Araujo for Ricard III.

15. Better lighting design
· Lola Barroso for Furious Scandinavia.

16. Best actress protagonist
· Pilar Gómez for Emilia (Women who dare, 1st part).

17. Best leading actor
· Nacho Sánchez for Ivan and the dogs.

18. Best female dance interpreter
· Eva Yerbabuena for Appearances.

19. Best male dance interpreter
· Daniel Abreu for The nudity.

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