Cádiz, August 19, 2020. Carlos Zambrano has once again warned about the serious damage caused by the invasive algae, Rugulopterix Okamurae, on the Cadiz coast.

Fishing, tourism and the balance of the marine ecosystem are in serious danger, if urgent measures are not taken on this invasive species that has caused a serious catastrophe on our coastline, mainly on the coasts of Campo de Gibraltar.

Just in the month of July, the city council of Tarifa has collected 400 tons of seaweed from its beaches, an amount like this, shows that the situation of the marine ecosystem is very serious, and that the proliferation of this species has grown exponential and uncontrolled mainly due to problem.

“Five years have passed since the presence of this spice was known and nothing has been done, it is not even included in the catalog of invasive species, because until June of this year the prior public consultation on the Draft Ministerial Order amending the annex to Royal Decree 630/2013, of August 2, which regulates the Spanish Catalog of Invasive Exotic Species ”, has criticized Zambrano.

The VOX deputy wanted to make it clear that the situation of this problem is not the same as when it was discovered in 2015, and that five years of neglect by the nation's governments have turned into a problem that at the time would have been controllable in a catastrophe of great proportions that is leading artisanal fishing to the most absolute ruin, since after working days when lifting the nets the fishermen see how kilos and kilos of algae are deposited on their covers and no catch to sell in the slice.

In addition, Zambrano has warned about the negative impact that algae has on sun and beach tourism the image projected by our beaches covered with algae, especially for towns such as Tarifa, Barbate, Vejer or Conil.

Faced with this situation, the VOX Parliamentary Group urges the government to declare the situation of environmental catastrophe for the coasts of the Cadiz coast and the recognition of the algae as an invasive species, with special incidence in the removal of algae residues on the beaches of the affected municipalities , as well as, aid to the fishing sector that sees fishing disappear when the habitats of the most common species in the area are drastically modified.

Finally, Zambrano has proposed to promote the creation of a government working group with the autonomous communities in order to transfer the problem to all the affected bodies.

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