Zidane: "I am proud of the players because such a victory is not easy"

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NEWS | 03/01/2020

"We have won collectively and these three points give us a high in morals," the coach added.

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of the stadium Santiago Bernabeu and analyzed the victory in the Classic of League: “We deserve the victory for everything we have done both defensively and offensively. The first part has been matched and our pressure above has not been perfect. In the second part we improved our pressure and were better up, in the opposite field. We have overwhelmed them a lot and we have almost crushed them. These are three important points because it has been a complicated week and today we had the opportunity to change that. They are three points and we recover the leadership, but we are going to have to fight until the end ".

"We are happy because we have all demonstrated that we have done very well and I am proud of them because such a victory is not easy. Today our solidity has been very important. The first thing is to defend well together and then we know that at any moment we can have opportunities of scoring goals The second part has been for us We have had many opportunities to score and we have made two We have kept the goal to zero and Courtois It has been fundamental. Today we won the game collectively. ”

Vinicius Jr.

“He has been well and has scored an important goal in an important game. I'm happy for him. He has been well offensively and defensively has done a great job helping Marcelo with Semedo. It has conditions, but it is very young and sometimes the criticisms are complicated. He has to live with them because he is in the Real Madrid"

Vinicius Jr. has been well and has scored an important goal in an important game. I'm happy for him.

“This victory gives us a high in morals. We talked about how today was an opportunity to change the dynamics and in the end we fulfilled what we have worked all week. We thought that this could be carried out and play a good game and that is what we did. It is a deserved victory, although with difficulties because there was a very good rival. We will have more complicated moments and they will criticize us, but it is not new ”.

The great performance of Courtois

"Not only tonight has been good. For quite some time he is doing well and with his presence under sticks we are all calmer. Today he has made three great stops that have kept us in the game. Those stops at key moments are very important." .


"He is the third forward of this team. Today he had the opportunity and he has done very well. He has not had many minutes so far and I am very happy for his goal. All are important and I will think about it until the end. There are players who play less, but everyone has to contribute something to the team. Mariano He has done well. Isco It has been very good, although I would have liked to have scored that goal but Ter Stegen was fine. Y Courtois He has also played a great game. "

The tie against Manchester City

“We will be prepared for the return, although there are still matches of League before that game The reaction today has been important. The dressing room is not touched. It was a complicated week, but we prepared this game well. That means the players are in and want. We played 78 very good minutes and in the end we lost. Today we win playing well from minute one to 90. We must continue in what we believe, although we know that it will be complicated until the end. We have to prove it every time we play a game. "

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