Holders of their statements before the media:

  • The victims of terrorism are political victims, they have not died due to arbitrary circumstances. They were killed by Spaniards and Democrats, and we have a debt of gratitude, and a moral, political and democratic obligation to ensure their memory and dignity and for justice.
  • The AVT has been waiting for Sanchez to receive them for 14 months. After having held 24 meetings this summer with more than 150 groups, he has not had a minute to receive the main victims' association. Sanchez has presented this week a document for his pact with Podemos in which, under the same section of Democratic Memory, first comes Franco's exhumation and only after that regarding the victims of terrorism. I do not know if the exhumation of the dictator is of an urgency superior to the protection, care and defense of the memory and dignity of the victims of terrorism.
  • This summer there have been tributes to the murderers and humiliation to the victims. In the next 5 years, 83 ETA murderers are going to get out of jail and Otegi has said that those tributes will continue to be produced. The GPP presented a reform of the Criminal Code to improve the effectiveness of the State to prevent them and we will promote strong economic sanctions to the municipalities and convening organizations. We call on the delegates of the Government in the Basque Country and Navarra to act with diligence and forcefulness so that they proactively prevent such tributes.
  • Marlaska has announced a new Law on Victims of Terrorism. We demand that you make the draft public and distribute it to parliamentary groups and major associations of victims. It is urgent that it be done as soon as possible and that it be done by consensus.
  • You cannot make lists of ETA murderers in Spain, there is not even a neutral file with all the judgments and convictions. There is the right to forget the murderers, but not the right to the truth and the memory of the victims. We have to work so that this right to the truth, to the objective fact of what happened, does exist and is in force. We will study and propose measures such as the creation of a specific prosecutor's office that works with the victims memorial center and is dedicated to this task: victim for victim, guilty for guilty, done for fact.
  • Ensuring memory requires an adequate moral and civil environment. The activities that lead to legitimize and normalize groups and individuals who believe that there is or existed a right to murder should be denounced and put aside.
  • Bildu is outside a Spanish democratic and social consensus, because he believes that the murder was justified as a way of doing politics and that excludes him as an interlocutor. It has to be under strict democratic surveillance.
  • The democratic state will always be imposed on the totalitarian delusions of some. Torra can announce independence, but he won't get it. If you insist, you have no other destiny than jail or being a fugitive from justice.
  • In collaboration with the European Parliament, we will propose measures to tackle the process of radicalization of jihadists in prisons and improve the Criminal Code in response to jihadism.

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