Culture and Sport launches the #laculturaentucasa dissemination campaign to promote the use of existing cultural resources on the Internet

The Ministry intends with the use and dissemination of this hashtag to value all the initiatives that exist thanks to the proactivity of all public administrations, companies and private entities and, especially, of citizens.

Under this hashtag-motto, everyone is encouraged to enjoy the culture, fostering a habit that the Department hopes will last, even when the sanitary alarm phase is passed.

Culture implies the enjoyment and development of people and a positive leisure alternative to the decreed closure of libraries, theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, museums, etc. The initiatives promoted by the Ministry are free and offer a wide variety of readings, exhibitions, artist interviews, film and audiovisuals, plays, cultural documents and music, among other resources.

Visit libraries from home

One of these proposals is eBiblio, the free loan service for electronic books, audiobooks and periodicals through the Internet, offered through Spanish public libraries. This service, coordinated and promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in collaboration with the library departments of the autonomous communities, is accessible 24 hours a day and allows the reading of all kinds of works, using mobiles, tablets, computers or digital books.

For its part, the National Library of Spain (BNE) will keep open, through its website, the digital services it has: the Catalog, the Hispanic Digital Library and the Digital Newspaper Library, among others. It provides free and open access to thousands of digitized documents, including printed books from the 15th to 20th centuries, manuscripts, drawings, prints, brochures, posters, photographs, maps, atlases, sheet music, historical press, and sound recordings.

Meet contemporary artists

For photography lovers, on the web The Voice of the Image You can meet various protagonists in the history of Spanish photography through the testimony of a generation of great photographers who reveal the intrahistory of their work. A documentary space articulated on each of the photographers interviewed by José Luis López Linares and Publio López Mondéjar, illustrated with a selection of their images and the opinions and memories of people of their professional, family and emotional closeness.

If what is preferred is to make an approach to the creators of contemporary art, through Oral Memories Emerging and mid-career artists can be met through interviews in audiovisual format where they present their aesthetic-conceptual approaches, images of their most outstanding projects and complementary information in the first person. This online platform already has a hundred artists and published interviews.

National exhibitions and museums at a click

Virtual visits to national museum exhibitions are a growing demand and an interesting offer when you cannot leave home. In this sense, the great cultural institutions dependent on the State have launched initiatives, among which the virtual visit to the recently inaugurated Rembrandt exhibition and the permanent collection of the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum; the Museo Nacional del Prado and its videos on social networks, with special attention to young audiences, in which it comments on the paintings in its collection; the 170 videos of the historic exhibition at the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum; the microsite Rethink Guernica with images of the work imperceptible to the naked eye by the human eye thanks to 'gigapixel' photography technology, unpublished documents, comparison of photographic techniques and an interactive timeline; the virtual visit to National Sculpture Museum of Valladolid; or to expositions of the state archives through its Web.

He too National Archaeological Museum allows a virtual visit, a tour of the permanent exhibition where you can access all the museum information (audiovisuals, explanatory posters, illustrations, etc.) and which also offers different themed tours and virtual visits to the temporary exhibitions, among which stands out The power of the past. 150 years of archeology in Spain. And one can be surprised with the virtual visit that the National Museum of Decorative Arts offers featured sets from the collection, or a virtual restoration of outstanding pieces from the collection (a 16th century Neapolitan chest).

In relation to contemporary art and creation, the Ministry offers a virtual tour for the exhibitions that have been programmed in Tabacalera since 2015, while through its YouTube channel You can access 8 distribution lists that include reports, seminars, master classes, documentaries of the exhibitions and a large amount of audiovisual material generated, which enriches the content of the activities organized in this cultural space located in Madrid.

Classics restored by Filmoteca Española, on Vimeo

Filmoteca Española and EGEDA (Entity for the Management of Audiovisual Producers Rights) have joined forces to offer free and online titles recently recovered or restored by Filmoteca Española, in addition to other Spanish cinema classics.

On the channel 'Doré en casa', through your account Vimeo, Filmoteca Española will offer a film that will be accessible to viewers for three days, until the next title is scheduled. It is not, therefore, an online a la carte cinema platform, but rather to convert the homes of the spectators into a new screen of the Cine Doré that, due to current circumstances, requires the projection rooms to be closed. In the coming days, the Filmin platform will also launch the 'Filmoteca Española' collection, with classic titles from its catalog, based on a collaboration of both entities.

Theater, dance and music at home

Although the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) has had to close its scenic spaces because of the coronavirus, theater, dance and music are at the click of a mouse from the home screen thanks to the resources available online in its Documentation Center for Performing Arts and Music . Hundreds of thousands of data and documents (written information, photos, videos, programs, posters) on the performing arts and music in Spain in the 20th century can be accessed on the agency's website (

The Theater It is the platform with the most cultural offer of INAEM for those who want to continue enjoying the theater, yes, through a screen. It has 1,595 theater, circus and dance titles, a figure that will increase in May with 30 new plays, many of them belonging to the last season of the INAEM artistic units: National Dramatic Center (CDN), National Classical Theater Company ( CNTC) and Teatro de la Zarzuela, among others. All you have to do is register to enjoy this free service.

And to enjoy zarzuela with the family, the YouTube of the Teatro de la Zarzuela gives access to recordings of works such as 'Three top hats', and projects to bring the genre closer to young people such as the Zarza project.

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