As you know, next December 6 we are summoned, together with all the Spaniards who want to join us, to a concentration that, in Zaragoza, it will take place in Plaza de España, in front of the façade of the Zaragoza Provincial Council.

Today more than ever, the reasons that call us to express our commitment in defense of the unity of the Spanish Nation and of our Constitution are clear, threatened by the pacts of our Government with all those who want the fracture and collapse of Spain . Never had a government put the governance of the country to rest in the hands of its enemies, those who want to break it.

We will read a manifesto and the articles of our Constitution threatened today, and, finally, we will listen to the national anthem. We will do, as we always do, a demonstration of our commitment and our civility, respecting the rules of peaceful coexistence and the safety regulations against covid-19.

We wait for you all. Come with your flags.

Julio Calvo Iglesias


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