The processes so that the repatriation of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MENA) can be carried out must be initiated by the sub-delegations or delegations of the Government. This is stipulated by the Immigration Regulations and, although Spain has not carried out any yet and this has been confirmed by the Executive itself to questions from VOX, the deputy of this formation for Ceuta, Teresa López, has been interested in knowing how many initiations of procedures have been agreed by delegations from all over Spain.

As explained by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, in response to VOX, between January 1 and August 31, no Government Delegation has initiated proceedings for minors in accordance with Article 192 of the Immigration Regulations with three exceptions: the Murcia Delegation , the Balearic Islands and the Sub-delegation of Alicantes. Of course, none of them have come forward so far.

In the case of Murcia, according to government data, 217 procedures have been initiated, of which 82 have been filed for dismissal and 135 are still pending. Meanwhile, in the Balearic Islands only one procedure has been registered and it has already been filed, and in Alicante there are two files initiated. In Ceuta and Melilla, despite the fact that reports have been requested from more than 400 minors to Morocco to find out their family situation and be able to repatriate them, there has been no response from the neighboring country nor has any procedure been opened from the delegations of the Government to facilitate the return of minors to their country of origin.

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