It proposes that the State immediately provide an unpaid line of credit in favor of the Autonomous Communities for the amount of the amounts owed

The spokeswoman for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the deputy spokesman for economic affairs, Mario Garcés, have registered today a Non-Law Proposal to resolve the block of deliveries on account to the Autonomous Communities by the Executive. This initiative must be discussed in plenary urgently.

In the text, the GPP proposes that the State respond to this situation through an unpaid credit line in favor of the Autonomous Communities for the amount of the amounts owed. Both for the update of the deliveries on account that the Government has pending to release, as for the settlement of the pending VAT.

Instruments of this nature have been successfully used by Popular Party Governments, such as the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA), so the Socialist Government cannot oppose a measure of this nature.

In addition, it again asks the Executive to urgently convene the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council to, among other issues, seek a definitive solution that prevents the block of deliveries on account to the Autonomous Communities.

In his view, the Government maintains a position of institutional disloyalty that does not harm the regional presidents who are denouncing this situation; but to all Spaniards through basic public services. They cannot remain without financing basic issues such as education, health or social services, whose resources depend on the Autonomous Communities.

In this regard, the GPP notes that there are no possible excuses or excuses and denounces a lack of unjustifiable diligence to which are added the contradictions, half truths and partisan use of the institutions with which the Minister of Finance has even implicated the State Advocacy The GPP, on the other hand, proposes solutions to the contempt and abandonment to which the Socialist Executive is plunging public institutions and the Spanish as a whole.

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