Madrid, November 19, 2020. – "Applauding from the balconies does not solve the problem of nursing professionals." But the left has voted against, once again, improving working conditions for health workers.

Even so, the Madrid Assembly has approved the VOX initiative for nurses to receive a fair salary, as required by law. Specifically, the Community of Madrid must repay them the salary supplements for Professional Careers that have been owed to all professionals for years, whether they have a permanent contract or are temporary or temporary.

“The Government is preparing the Budgets. What better time to introduce a specific item to address a specific problem? ”Asked the deputy spokesperson, Ana Cuartero.

The VOX deputy recalled that the professionals in the sector "do not ask for special working conditions, but rather that the law be complied with," since even the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that said complement of Professional Career should be recognized.

"It is about recognizing what they just deserve for the work they do," continued Cuartero, who thanked PP and Cs for the support of the VOX proposal so that the work and working conditions of nurses are finally recognized. "At VOX we do useful politics," he concluded. The left, on the other hand, continues on the balconies.

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