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During 2020, Minotauro Editions and the whole world celebrate that 100 years ago it was born Ray Bradbury. Author, visionary, genius, self-taught of Science Fiction and writing. Without a doubt, a benchmark in international literature with masterpieces such as Zen in the art of writing, Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Now and forever, The fair of darkness or The Illustrated Man.

To commemorate such an important anniversary, the publisher reissues the North American author's catalog collection in its collections Minotauro Esenciales y Libraries de Autor. During 2021, it is also planned to add new titles by the famous writer.

Bradbury's books have a special meaning for Minotaur, since the publisher began its journey 65 years ago with the publication of Martian Chronicles, with translation by the editor himself, Francisco Porrúa, and foreword by Jorge Luis Borges. In addition, the centenary of the novelist's birth coincides with the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of Minotauro to Grupo Planeta. Currently, the label has to its credit classic pens such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Tolkien and Philip K. Dick, as well as Bradbury himself.

«Ray Bradbury finds his readers year after year. And I bet it will still be read a century from now. " NEIL GAIMAN

Reissues in Author Libraries:

  • The country of October – 09/29/2020
  • Death is a lonely affair – 10/29/2020
  • Fahrenheit 451 100th Anniversary – 09/22/2020
  • Zen in the art of writing – 09/08/2020
  • Remedy for melancholic – 07/21/2020
  • Green Town 1: Summer Wine – 06/16/2020
  • Green Town 2: The Summer of Goodbye – 06/16/2020
  • Martian Chronicles 100th Anniversary – 06/16/2020
  • The Illustrated Man – 05/19/2020
  • We will always have Paris – 03/10/2020
  • Now and always – 02/04/2020
  • The golden apples of the sun – 01/16/2020
  • The fair of darkness – 10/29/2019
  • The Witches' Tree – 10/15/2019

Essential Minotaur Reissues:

  • The Illustrated Man
  • Fahrenheit 451
  • Martian Chronicles

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We tell you why Corcira's evil has been one of the hits of the summer

Get a best seller, or as they say in English, a best seller, This is what all publishers dream of and yet it is something really difficult to achieve. Are there guidelines for achieving editorial success? They do not exist as such, although there are some common points in most of the "chosen" books, those that survive on the table of novelties for months and months, those books that everyone talks about and that may even conquer new ones. formats and are adapted to the big screen or turned into a series.

Do you want us to tell you more? Keep reading, together we will try to discover why some books are touched by fortune. We will draw on a recent case: Corcira's evilby Lorenzo Silva. The last novel by Bevilacqua and Chamorro has undoubtedly been the book of the summer, dragging the rest of the novels in a series that is more than twenty years old.

The ingredients for a best seller

1) Create something unique

They say that about love, hate, war … everything is written. But no. A story can have something unique: the voice, the intensity, the focus, the psychology of the characters, the settings … Something that sets it apart from everything else. Present and future. In the case of The evil of Corcira, Lorenzo Silva brings us closer to the violence of ETA and the war between brothers that was generated in the Basque Country, just as Thucydides novel the harshness of the war in Corcira (current Corfu).

What has made it special to readers? One of the keys to the success of the novel could be the how. "Silva portrays the Civil Guard with a care similar to that of Le Carré when he writes about British espionage", in the words of Antonio Muñoz Molina. Another, confronting his beloved Bevilacqua with his own demons. And also, tell us more about what happened in the eighties in the fight against terrorism.

And is that It is no coincidence that this novel has been one of the most read this summer. Let's continue.

2) Bet on something big

What happens if behind a phenomenon, a best seller, is there something bigger? Do you know that feeling of finishing a novel and needing more? Well, with sagas and series, the pleasure is served since readers are always faithful to those lives that move them, with which they feel, suffer, cry … So to the author who thinks and writes big, life can give readers to the same extent.

Take the case of Lorenzo Silva. Now twenty-two years have passed since the series began, which is to say little. A literary project to which he has dedicated half his life that was born in the solitude of his desk. Delivery after delivery, Bevilacqua and Chamorro have been conquering readers, recognitions such as the Nadal Prize (2000) and the Planeta Prize (2012) and the applause of the critics. And these have dragged others, and now, with the success of Corcira's evil there are many who are discovering the other titles in the saga. And all together, it makes this the year of Bevilacqua and Chamorro.

3) A good reception

We have all done that of seeing a friend reading something new and we have asked him: «What, how are you? Would you recommend it to me? ».

A key factor for a best seller is that the book is well received by critics, that it is well valued. But it is not enough, you, readers, are also very important, the great engine. That is why an essential factor for a book to work well are your recommendations, those readings shared as a family, going to a dinner and asking: "Has anyone read the new Bevilacqua?" That need to share it, to talk about the novel. Corcira's evilFor example, it has become a phenomenon of word of mouth among readers, who have filled the networks of positive evaluations since the book was published in June and who still continue to share their enthusiastic opinions today. 👇🏼

And it is that at the end of the day an author can put everything on his side, pour his soul into each page he writes. But the work is not complete until it reaches the readers, which is when a book really comes to life. And it will be the readers who decide if the author has given them a masterpiece, if the story has reached them more than the previous installment, if they stay reading until dawn because they are dying to know more and if, ultimately, that book is going to become a best seller.

All the power you have the readers. And it is a wonderful feeling to know that you are there, on the other side, to close the circle. So if you haven't read the summer book yet Corcira's evil, Bevilacqua and Chamorro are waiting for you! 😜

And if you have already devoured the last work of Lorenzo Silva, do not miss these 100 essential books that are conquering readers' hearts wherever they go. Happy reading!

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Seville, September 16, 2020

The writer Gonzalo Giner has obtained the XXV Fernando Novel Prize Lara with the work "The green mist". The Jury for this Award made the decision public during an award ceremony held at the Casa Guardiola in Seville.

The event was attended by authorities such as Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, president of the Junta de Andalucía; Patricia del Pozo, Minister of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía; Antonio Muñoz, deputy mayor and delegate of the Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism area of ​​the Seville City Council; Juan Manuel Castro, vice president of the AXA Foundation and José Creuheras, president of Grupo Planeta. In addition, the writer Fernando Delgado attended, as spokesman for the Jury.

The novel is a fast-paced adventure, a moving ecologist plea, a hymn to conservationism and a great love story in the legendary African jungle. In the words of the author, «The green haze It is a novel very different from the ones I have published to date. Its title evokes a natural phenomenon that is only visible in a setting as spectacular as it is unique: the Congo River basin; one of the last green paradises on Earth and the setting for this story starring the young woman, Bineka, whose life I hope will catch you from the first page. "

«With it you will breathe the aromas of the jungle, you will soak up the humid foliage of its landscapes, you will share its unexpected coexistence among chimpanzees, you will hate the greed and nonsense of certain multinationals that are deforesting and destroying that green world, for the profitable production of oil palm or soy, and you will be infected with the incredible dedication and generosity of those that I dare to call the new armies of the planet; the one formed by the cooperators; We will share your hopes, frustrations, challenges and dreams. "

"Thank you very much to the AXA Foundation and Grupo Planeta for their support of culture and to the members of the jury for choosing my novel, whom I especially value for being writers like me," added Gonzalo Giner.

Gonzalo giner achieved great literary success with The horse healer (2008). Veterinarian by profession, with that title he wanted to investigate the beginning of his trade. In his next novel, The horseman of silence (2011), discovered the origins of the creation of the Spanish breed of horses during the sixteenth century. In Loyalty pact (2014), the author took a leap in his literary production: a meticulously documented novel that narrated, for the first time, the participation of dogs in two of the bloodiest wars of the past 20th century, the Spanish Civil War and the Second War world. In 2017 he published The windows of heaven a wonderful historical novel about the creation of Gothic stained glass.

He Jury of this twenty-fifth edition is made up of the writers Fernando thin and Clara Sanchez, the writer and member of the RAE Pere Gimferrer; Ana Maria Ruiz-Tagle, on behalf of the AXA Foundation, the entity that sponsors this literary award, and Emili Rosales, voting secretary.

The Fernando Lara Novel Prize is endowed with one hundred twenty thousand euros and a total of 241 original and unpublished novels from Spain and abroad have been presented to it.

(From left to right) Antonio Muñoz, deputy mayor and delegate of the Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism area of ​​the Seville City Council; Juan Manuel Castro, vice president of the AXA Foundation; Gonzalo Giner, after collecting the award for the 2020 Fernando Lara Novel Prize; Juan Moreno Bonilla, president of the Junta de Andalucía; José Creuheras, president of Grupo Planeta and Fernando Delgado, writer and spokesperson for the jury.
(From left to right) Juan Manuel Castro, vice president of the AXA Foundation; Gonzalo Giner, winner of the XXV Fernando Lara Novel Prize, and José Creuheras, president of Grupo Planeta.

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October will be loaded with powerful news in the Minotaur galaxy. Just failed, the brand new will land XV Minotaur Award, Dark Frontier, a novel written in the best tradition of space adventures, with a high component of female empowerment and that extols collaboration as an alternative to confrontation. A work by Sabino Cabeza that explores the secrets of the universe and the inexhaustible curiosity of the human being to discover them.

The Tolkien world will continue to offer little gems to its followers. The first will be Tolkien: Treasures, a book with wonderful illustrations that bring us closer to the legacy of this extraordinary writer, illustrator and scholar. In addition, it will come The Hobbit. Sketchbook, a compilation of drafts by illustrator Alan Lee for Tolkien's magnificent work.

Minotaur will not forget the pumpkins and will celebrate Halloween with special posts to have a blast. Is about Sanctuary, an absorbing story about witches, mysteries and revenge written by British V.V. James and In the dark forest, a story that mixes modern gothic horror and Victorian fantasy.

Consecrated genre authors will not miss their appointment in bookstores, through the collections Libraries of Author and Essentials: the centennial Bray Bradbury (The country of October), the prolific Philip K. Dick (Complete stories V) and contemporary Kim Stanley Robinson (Red mars).

Finally, two licenses of the size of Warhammer and Dungeons and dragons will provide respective doses of fantasy with narrative (The wicked and the damned, Gloomspite) and beginner's guides (D&D: Warriors & Weapons and D&D: Monsters & Creatures) .

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The XV Minotauro Prize already has a winning novel. Is about Dark border (formerly titled God's eye) by Sabino Cabeza, a space opera set in the year 2560. The work awarded by Minotaur will receive 6,000 euros and will be published on October 6. In addition, the Grupo Planeta publishing house, a benchmark in the Fantasy, Terror and Science Fiction sector in Spanish, will officially present the book during the Sitges International Film Festival.

Dark border has been selected from among four magnificent finalists. The other three proposals that have reached the last stage are Memory of the blue girl (Fantasy), Symbiosis (Science Fiction) and Growing fears (Terror). The contest has received a total of 449 manuscripts from different countries, mainly Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. There has also been participation from Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Puerto Rico or the US.

The jury that has evaluated the projects is made up of independent members with renowned CVs: Laura Fernández (journalist and writer), Sofía Rhei (writer), Blanca Rodríguez (president of the Spanish Association of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Terror), Pablo Tébar (writer and screenwriter, 2017 Minotauro Prize) and Roberto Jiménez (journalist for the Xataka technology portal).

The Minotauro Prize is one of the publisher's outstanding events since 2004 and has become a cultural catalyst for genre literature. Previous titles that were raised with this recognition were Snow on Mars (Pablo Tébar), Those who dream (Elio Quiroga), Pantheon (Carlos Sisi) or Lords of Olympus (Javier Negrete), among other works of undeniable quality. This new edition of the contest is especially noteworthy, since it coincides with the 20th anniversary of the acquisition of Minotauro by Grupo Planeta.

What the jury thinks about the winning novel:

«Ships that rescue other ships because the enemy is not the other but the unknown. Here is the first national science fiction classic (philosophical) hard of the XXI century ». Laura Fernandez

"A story that turns the epic into human and narrates space-time through details and emotions." Sofia Rhei

«It reconciles the best of the tradition of the classic novels of temporal paradoxes with the current that we are seeing in the international arena where the characters are more diverse and empathetic. A breath of fresh air that, beyond the main plot, explores interesting sub-themes, such as responsibility towards others, loyalty or affection ». Blanca Rodriguez

«A different and luminous Science Fiction novel. Far from the usual dystopias, the sisterhood and the collaborative spirit of the characters remind us of Star Trek. A story of heroes where we all like their characters. Real people who face the unknown without falling into the usual clichés of the genre. Pablo Tebar

"Science fiction should never lose sight of humanism and that is something that this novel knows very well. Beyond her classic and meticulous approach, she beats with a passionate heart for human relationships, cooperation and dreams of a different life. Roberto Jimenez

See previous winners of the MINOTAUR AWARD


Synopsis: In the year 2560, humanity has managed to spread over eight thousand planets thanks to the anagravonic engines that allow the Inspacio-Expacio jumps. Captain Florence Schiaparelli, known in the Federal Fleet as Florence Half life, and the crew of the Banshee Their mission is to obtain all possible data from the black hole that she herself has baptized as the God eye. But when they spot an unidentified ship trapped near the black hole's event horizon, Captain Schiaparelli You must decide if you risk losing everything to save the crew of the mysterious ship.

Dark border is a novel written in the best tradition of space adventure stories, with a high component of female empowerment and that extols collaboration as an alternative to confrontation. A work that explores the secrets of the universe and the inexhaustible curiosity of the human being to discover them.


Sabino Cabeza Abuín He was born in Seville in 1965. After several stops in Salamanca, Murcia, León and Valencia, he ended up in Zaragoza, where he has lived for twenty years. He is a non-commissioned officer of the Air Force, has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia, and works as a Psychoanalyst in the city of the Ebro.

His fondness for science fiction and fantasy comes from afar. He still has his first copy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and the collection of Collection "Antología de Novelas de Anticipación" (which he stole from his father without his knowing it), in which he met Poul Anderson, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Domingo Santos or José María Aroca.

His first attempts at writing are also from those times, when he imitated his admired Jules Verne or Tolkien. His influences are countless, although he highlights Ursula K. Leguin and Terry Pratchett from the long list.

He owes not only his love of reading to his parents, but also his attraction to Astronomy. He remembers watching with his mother, in the summer of 1982, all the chapters of "Cosmos", so he also declares himself a debtor to Carl Sagan for the times of the times, guilty of inoculating him with a fascination for the mysteries of the universe.

He has not stopped writing since, and he has not stopped learning since. Consider that the years give you history and perspective. But also that the imagination needs to be ignited in childhood, and he confesses to having had the good fortune of being born in a home where precisely that was given to him: to imagine.

Technical data:

Release date: October 6

Format: 15 x 23, Hardcover with dust jacket. 317 pages.

Price: 19.50 euros.

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Autumn knocks on the door so it is time to report on the Planet Comic news for October. The best independent comic USA will continue to visit the publisher's catalog thanks to brilliant titles: Paper Girls integral, Babyteeth, Oblivion song… The Star Wars saga will feature two compilations and a comic book delivery.

The protagonist of the month will be the manga, with abundant, juicy and varied releases such as Beyond the clouds, Dragon Ball, MHA, Lamu, My Father's Almanac, Grandblue Fantasy, One Piece, Manga Planet 5, The Mirror, Adolf, Dust 8 or your name. Visual guide. Finally, Manga Mania will also return. Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to start collections at an unbeatable price.

More info HERE

· Start USA, BD, SW, first round Sleeve: 6/10

· Second round start: 20/10

Manga Mania output: 10/27

Thanks for reading!

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This September 9 at 12 noon the XV Minotauro Award is held at the MNAC in Barcelona. During the ceremony, it will be revealed which of the 4 finalists wins the statuette: The eye of god (Science fiction), Memory of the blue girl (fantasy), Symbiosis (science fiction) and Growing fears (Terror).

The contest is one of the outstanding events of Ediciones Minotauro since 2004 and has become a cultural catalyst for Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror literature in Spanish. It should be noted that this edition coincides with the 20th anniversary of the incorporation of the historic seal to Grupo Planeta. For this reason, Jesús Badenes, General Director of the Planeta Library Division, will be in charge of opening the delivery gala. Follow her live on Twitter and Youtube of Minotauro and Planetadelibros.

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We resume the activity with an interview with Santi Casas, one of the regular authors of the magazine Manga Planet, with stories as diverse as The witch or Pigüi. Do you want to know a little more about his career? Here are some brushstrokes …

How did you get into the world of illustration / comics?

I always knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to drawing, specifically to comics, illustration and video games. At that time, the training in Fine Arts did not contemplate direct contact with those professional sectors, only very slightly that of the more traditional editorial illustration, which is where I started. Later at Escola Joso I was able to come into direct contact with professionals who dedicated their lives to the world of comics and that showed me the way. Contact with the world of videogames came later when he had already been able to create a suitable portfolio and a certain trajectory in other fields.

Your first contact with Planeta Manga was …

Since the first decade of 2000 I have collaborated with Planeta on different projects, building a solid relationship with the editorial team. This probably meant that it was around from the beginning of the project, when the idea was still maturing. When I was asked to participate, it was clear to me that I wanted to develop the short story format, since it has always been one of my favorites. So I can only thank you for the trust you always place in me.

How did the plot of your magazine stories come about?

Since I got to know the manga, among the many peculiarities of its narrative, one of the things that most impressed me was the way in which its authors took popular legends and traditions (not only Japanese, but also Western) and turned them around a and again to continue presenting them with a brutal freshness and with a very contemporary vision to their readers. I always thought that in our traditions there were stories and characters that deserved that treatment and with enormous potential. From there is born Rondallas.

Pigüi and his world instead are a reinterpretation of an old project that we developed at Ikari Studio when we were working on projects for a younger reader. Children's comics are the foundation on which many reading hobbies are built and for us it was very important to do our bit.

What do you do first: character creation or script? How is your usual work circuit?

Sometimes neither one nor the other, sometimes it is more the feeling or impression that you want to make on the reader that takes you to the story and the character. Others it is the story or an anecdote that asks you for specific protagonists. And many others is the design of a character that tells you his story and asks you to get him into trouble and adventure. In the case of Rondallas the stories usually lead me to the characters, in the case of Pigüi it was the characters who arrived first and then "told" us their stories.

How do you rate the reception that the magazine has had and what would you highlight about it?

I think I have repeated it a thousand times and I never tire of doing it. After more than twenty years in the world of drawing, it is difficult for me to remember a project where I have received so much love from readers. That shows us that it was probably time to launch such an initiative and that it is undoubtedly a symptom of the maturity of our market and its readers.

Your favorite Planet Manga series is …

I look forward to each installment of Gryphoon. From the moment I met Luis's work, I thought it was destined to be a full stop in the national manga publication.

Then I run to read Good game, Kaoru and Blanca's work that always leaves me with a smile. Too Backhome that raises the level of each issue of the magazine to that of its Japanese counterparts.

But I also have to highlight the short stories, my favorite format and that has allowed me to enjoy Withered Lionel, Uroboros and so many others. And this only to this day, with a lot of new stories that have just started and that I think will win us over.

Next projects.

This year I hope to continue combining collaborations with Manga Planet with the work that I do on a regular basis for the American comics, role-playing games and video games market.

Social networks

Instagram: @ santi.ikari

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